Inspections find peril in central Illinois nursing homes

After months of interviews and reviewing Medicare data, Illinois Department of Public Health reports, court records and other documents, found that central Illinois homes are still accumulating steep fines and leaving residents at risk for untreated injuries, infections and medication errors. Credits
Reporting by Robert Holly and Claire Everett
Photographs by Darrell Hoemann
Graphics by Claire Everett and Acton H. Gorton


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Here are some of the key facts and findings:

In 16 Illinois counties, there are 81 nursing homes that accept government assistance under Medicare. More than 41 percent of those homes, a total of 34 facilities, are rated below what Medicare considers average. Champaign County has seven nursing homes. Three of those homes are rated as one-star facilities on Medicare’s five-star rating scale.

Husband’s treatment prompts wrongful death lawsuit

After being admitted to the nursing home Heartland of Champaign to recover from a hospital stay for chest pain last year, Gerald Warmbier’s health rapidly deteriorated. Just days after entering the nursing home in May, he became “very sleepy” and unresponsive, Illinois Department of Public Health inspection reports noted. As a result, he was sent to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, where he slowly started recovering after a little more than a week. Return to Key Findings
Inspections find peril in central Illinois nursing homes

Warmbier vs Heartland
Click to read a copy of the Warmbier vs Heartland complaint.

Tips for finding a good nursing home

In one central Illinois nursing home, staff allowed a man labeled as an “elopement risk” to leave and wander 38 miles away.

In another facility, two employees were caught whispering that one of the employees was having an affair with a female resident’s husband until the resident started crying.

Exterior of Firehaus

First quarter brings two closures, 18 restaurant failures

One Champaign restaurant was shut down for 37 violations during the first part of the year under the health department’s new placard system. Firehaus’s satisfactory compliance placard, 708 S. Sixth St., Champaign, on April 25, 2014. Another restaurant, Cactus Grill, was briefly shut down during its inspection for lack of hot water on Jan. 23. In the three months of the new program, Firehaus, 708 S. Sixth St., was closed because it failed its routine March inspection with an adjusted score of negative 19.

Health inspectors temporarily close five eateries; fail four others

Nine restaurants and eateries have failed health inspections since November, including five that were temporarily shut down.

At some of the restaurants public health inspectors found dozens of critical violations that included raw sewage on the floor, potentially hazardous food production and dishwasher malfunctions.