A primer on the Freedom of Information Act

This page is a guide to the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, with basic information about what the law entails. You can read the entire law here. If you have additional questions about the Freedom of Information Act, check out this helpful “Frequently Asked Questions” compiled by the Illinois Attorney General’s office.

FOIA guide: University of Illinois

The University of Illinois almost always takes its allowed five business days to respond to a Freedom of Information Request and frequently asks for an extension of five days because of the sheer amount of volume of Freedom of Information requests.

FOIA Guide: Sample letter

Here’s a sample FOIA letter to help you get started filing Freedom of Information Act requests.

FOIA guide: Local law enforcement

There are four departments that work to police the Champaign-Urbana community. When requesting information, it is often beneficial to get the same data from each department in order to get the full picture