What drives collisions in Champaign County: Causes of crashes revealed

There were 3,481 traffic accidents in the county. In the City of Champaign, there were 1,645 accidents alone and in Urbana there were 641 accidents, in 2017, the most recent data available.

Between 2010 and 2017, most of the traffic accidents in the County occurred due to the driver’s failure to reduce speed and failure to yield other vehicles, according to a review of IDOT data.

In-Town residents successfully alter zoning regulations

Residents of In-Town, a part of Champaign that prides itself on its vibrant diversity,
rallied together against possible zoning developments last fall.
nearly two years of meetings and advocacy, the residents, specifically the
members of both the Old Town and Washington St. Neighborhood Associations,
successfully negotiated a set of conditions with the City Council that new
developers must abide by when building in the In-Town District of Champaign.

UI system repeatedly denies Daily Illini FOIA requests

Amid allegations of sexual misconduct on campus, The Daily Illini has filed six requests for documents relating to sexual misconduct claims. All six requests have been denied, even when they were only for an aggregate number of complaints.

Illinois Newsroom series finds gun violence is an issue downstate

Gun violence is an issue that extends far beyond the Chicago area in Illinois.

At least 100 people died from gunfire over the past three years and at least 500 were wounded, according to data obtained from a sample of police departments of eight cities in downstate Illinois.

How to stop gun violence? Just ask

Like Peoria and Champaign before it, Springfield is the latest IL city to adopt a national model for a community-wide approach to reducing gun violence. Brian Mackey explains what it looks like, and whether it’s shown success elsewhere.

‘Down The Hill:’ Violence Often Rooted In Inequality

In one neighborhood in Peoria, two families touched by violence are making difficult decisions for themselves and their communities. Cass Herrington reports on their ongoing efforts to reclaim their neighborhood.